Sunday 19 June 2011

Back in the saddle

This week has proved difficult on the exercise front. Came back from Africa being almost 2 kilo's heavier than before I went. Took my resting pulse and this too had increased by 10 beats. How will I get back on form?!
Think I have secured my place on the PBP, that is registered a place (as opposed to pre-registered). I also purchased the 2011 official PBP jersey (for souvenir purposes), a reflective PBP vest (to comply with French law) and 2 meals on the Sunday afternoon (1 for SJ and the other to ensure I am suitably food loaded prior to the start, donated a little to a cancer fund (Institut Curie) and purchased a bandanna in support of Japan. I said 'think' I have secured a place because am not sure if any monies were actually taken from my account. Am not sure if any of these items get sent to me or whether I have to pick them up when in France. However, what is clear, providing I have secured my place, is that my time slot for bike check and brevet card collection is 5:15 pm on 20 August 2011. What also is clear is that I need to train.

Managed to do some training in the week. My first training for nearly 3 weeks. I didn't do any exercise in South Africa, save a few push-ups one time. The first bit of training I did was indoors on the rollers. Did not find this exceptionally difficult but my heart rate monitor indicated my heart was beating faster than prior to leaving for Africa and I was pushing smaller gears. Hmm. Only exercised once more in the week and this was on Scotty (my mountain bike). Took Scotty along the deer route and added a further section by including a trip to the Dovecote in Alcester. Was nice to be back on the bike, even though I experienced aches and pains after only a few miles.

Plan to train harder in the next 6 weeks or so before PBP. This training will certainly include a couple of 200k audax events and a 300k event for good measure. I have 3 permanent events too and it would be great to include those in my training schedule. Have contacted Chris PT and should he return my call then killer sessions looking at my core will pick up again. Indoor rolling, mountain biking and maybe a run should also form part of my basic training plan.

Thank you to my first 2 sponsors who have generously donated to 'Tim's Well' project. "Tim's Well" will provide clean drinking water for 280 students at a school being constructed in Kenya, for 40 teenagers residing in 'Kimbilio' (a nearby Agape in Action shelter) and for the entire surrounding community. I have managed to raise £105 thus far. For more information or for those willing to sponsor me, please click here:

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