Monday 18 July 2011

Two flats and a wedding

Argh, only 33 days to PBP. Argh, less days to SDW. As most are aware, these are both 2 long distance cycle events. What most don't know is, is that both SJ and my buddy Chris 'Orange' (and Ben, his son)will be joining me. How cool is that?!

Fundraising is going ok. The SDW event has raised £65 for the British Heart Foundation. The PBP event continues to raise money for 'Tim's Well'. Read about (and please sponsor) said project here:

Easy/lazy week on the exercise front. This week was officially a 'rest week', but I guess I took it more leisurely than I should have. I could throw in the excuse that my mountain bike was out of action ...

The week had a promising beginning. Ron and I took our road bikes out for a trip. We followed new paths mingled with old trails. Our paths crossed the TROAD route on occasions and also, strangely enough, some mtb trails. Ron was leading the way and suggested we took our road bikes off road and follow a mtb path. Reluctantly I agreed. Ron punctured! Puncture fixed and ride continued.

Tuesday was full of good intention. I started cycling indoors on my rollers and cycled 13 miles before my mother walked in. I turned off my ipod player and it was only then that I realised that I had been cycling with a punctured tyre. Grr, the voices in my head blamed Ron and his off road antics!

No further exercise/training took place for the rest of the week. The weekend saw the marriage of Paul (SJ's brother) and Sally. This was a nice affair and I wish them both well for the future.

Weekly totals: Cycled a distance of 37 miles.

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  1. Hey Doo we passed along some of the PBP route! Town called Villaines-la-Juha got all their banners up & stuff! Few juicy hills in the vicinity you're gonna love!! Out AND back again!! Good luck mate - madness is confirmed!!


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