Monday 12 September 2011

Water, water everywhere!

Thank you, thank you and thanks again to all those who sponsored the 'Tim's Well' project on behalf of Agape in Action. I am so, so pleased to share the fact that the sponsor monies raised are being used right now and providing water! Copied here is correspondence that I received via email ''Many loving greetings in the hope that we share. This is just to thank Brother Taylor for his inner most love to the water project. He really did something that I do appreciate, I lack the words to thank him so much. Let God bless him and his family. The school will enjoy good quality water after tested and the building works will go on without hardship of water. Maybe if we have finished putting up stand, a tank and immersive bump, we may call it Taylor’s water project by writing something on it. Please pass lots Thanks and Love to him and to all who were involved in making this project success. REGARDS JUSTUS MABUKA''. So, as Mr Mabuka says, thanks and love to you all!
Monies are still coming in for the ''Tim's Well'' project. Thus far, £2,930 has been raised. For those wanting to know more about this project and for those wishing to donate to this cause, please visit this link:

Despite this past week being awesome on the project front, the cycling has been poor. I did not complete my planned permanent event. My sister Jane (yup, I blame her) told me that I should rest my body. I did take Scotty, my mountain bike out for 1 trek in the week and cycled in, around and through Webheath Woods. The rollers got used once in the week too - no intensive workout, but used all the same. Maybe, I will complete a permanent event this week?!

Weekly totals: Cycled 38 miles

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