Sunday 30 October 2011

BRRR (Bike, run, run, run)

After a whole week of neglecting my bikes, I finally managed a ride on my mountain bike. Ron and I started out on the good old Deer Route, but within seconds the heavens opened. Menace weather hasn't been a particular issue for us in the past but Ron was under-prepared this day. Whereas I was kitted out in my old, torn but trusty waterproof jacket and over-shoes, Ron was only wearing his Aldi best and no shoe covers. We decided not to call it 'complete quits' and instead rode a fast 11 miles cutting out a large chunk of the intended route. A shorter route, but at least I had been on my bike and it was fun all the same.
Completed more running this week and was happy with all runs. SJ got to try out her other new pair of shoes - her Asics road shoes, courtesy of Lin. Our first jog/run was, obviously, a road route and we ran the extended Studley Triangle. Still not entirely sure of the distance - SJ and I both had GPS units on our iphones, but they gave different results. According to Jog Log we ran 3.95 miles, but according to Runkeeper we ran 3.59 miles. Have since researched running apps and Runmeter gets the highest rating, so I will download that app and use it for future running efforts. Maybe Santa will get me a forerunner (hint).

SJ and I took Cody Menace with us on our second run. We jogged/ran a lovely cross country route all over and around fields in Studley and Coughton. This was our long run of the week and it measured 8.23 miles (Runmeter) but 8.53 on Jog Log. I am going to stick with the Runmeter results. An awesome run on a very foggy/misty day. We all returned home with wet feet and paws but were well pleased with our efforts. Beautiful colours emerged as the mist and fog moved away, such a fantastic creation. When we mapped out the route, it looked like a jelly fish.
Our final gentle jog/run of the week was in Worcester. This time I got to try out my new shoes - a pair of Brooks Ghosts (I think). SJ created this route and it was lovely. We ran alongside the river for a way, crossing over bridges including the 'new one' before heading back. The mapped route looked like a tulip and was in actual fact a figure of 8 loop. We finally decided to call this route the '678' because it followed the river Severn, for 6 miles, in a figure of 8!

Weekly Totals: Cycled 11 miles; Ran 17.9 miles.

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