Monday 9 July 2012


Tuesday was the first day I ventured out this week. It was a wet miserable day. However, is rare that 'weather stops play' with Ron and I. With that mantra in mind we set out. We cycled to Bidford via Alcester in a loose figure of eight style. Over 25 miles were cycled and 2 big hills were encountered. The first hill was just past Haselor and proved no real menace. The second hill was too tough for Florence - but will be beaten on a brighter day! Watch this space.

Cycled again on Wednesday. This day turned out to be very wet and miserable too. Completed the TTT 20 route without any major issues other than the weather.
On the 2 occasions detailed above, I managed to stay dry throughout. I was wearing my lovely Rohan cycling jacket and had equipped Florence with a rear mud-guard taken off my mountain bike. My mountain bike mudguard was a Raleigh rear fender - super light, cheap (about £12) and has an adjustable strap (to fit to fat seat tubes like mine). This summer has been pants on the weather front!
Didn't cycle any further during the week. However, I have now equipped Florence with some mud-guards of her very own! These mudguards are SKS race blades - just need another wet day to test them out! Have also received 3 brevet cards for my planned DIY perms. A DIY perm is exactly as the name suggests - a do-it-yourself audax. I haven't actually 'planned' any routes yet, but my mission is to create and ride a 50, 100 and 150k DIY perm, just for something to do. As stated before, I'm a psycholist!

Weekly totals: Cycled 48 miles.

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