Wednesday 3 October 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Yep, you heard me right. October is the beginning of the cycling season, the start of the new audax cycling year. No resolutions but a good time to reflect on the past year(s).

Well the 2012 season saw me complete 17 audax rides (12 were perms), score 19 AUK points and 16.5 AAA points. I fared better in the 2011 season where I completed 19 audax rides (5 were perms), scored 50 AUK points and 27 AAA points. I cycled more 100k rides during the 2012 season compared to previous years. The 2012 season saw me complete my first DIY audax event too.

In terms of 'to date', I have now completed 45 audax rides (17 were perms), scored 76 AUK points and 46 AAA points. 
In the Brevet series, I have earned the 500, 1000, 2000 and 3000 awards. I need to complete just one more 200k audax ride to earn my Brevet 4000 award - something I plan to do this new year!
In the Randonneur series, I have earned the 500, 1000 (this season included), 5000, SR and the RRty awards.
In the AAA series, I have earned 1 x AAA (Audax Altutude Award), AAASR award and bronze, silver and gold grimpeur medals. I plan to earn the AAARTY award this new year (had hoped to gain this award during the 2012 season).
Enough of awards, what about cycling plans for this season? Well, I have cycled 18 miles already! Ron and I completed the infamous Deer Route (road only version) on Tuesday. A slow start to the year, but a start none the less. I have plans to complete more audax events and hope to achieve my Brevet 4000 award, and complete both RRtY (again) and AAARTY awards this season. Also, I plan to cycle my first ever 'Dinner Dart' and complete a 200k off road time trial - the Bear Bones 200!

Watch this space!

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