Saturday 10 November 2012

The good, the bad and the lovely


For the past couple of weeks I have mostly been single speeding. Indeed, all my bike adventures have been using either my trusty single speed mountain bike 'Queeny' or my single speed road bike 'Florence'. Have cycled routes with both Aid and Ron and hit the Deer route, the Bread crumb Trail and incorporated urban routes too. My road bike covered the TTT 20 route.


The bad news is that my 'best' mountain bike is currently in the bike shop. Brake menace. I have Avid Elexir R brakes and they have played up a few times. This time they are proper broken and after 2 bleeds are not working. The brake is being sent to the manufacturer for a complete, full on service where any wonky parts (such as dodgy piston or calliper, or even a hole in the hosing) will be replaced and brakes should be like brand new. We'll see. The damage - about £70.

Well check out the pic's and see for yourself. These jerseys were real (relatively) cheap and are available from the Ay-Up online store. Groovy! The badge 'Brevet 4000' was for completing 20 x 200k audax events.

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