Sunday 20 January 2013

I wish I had Chris's Winter 2 Reflex Tyres ....

So pleased I cycled a 200k perm last week! Woke up Monday to a layer of snow covering everything. There went my plans of a further 200k. Grrr.
The snow put play to my plans of a 200k, but the snow didn't bother my buddy Chris. A few weeks ago he cycled a 200k calendar event with me using his big fat 35mm tyres. At the time I chuckled. This week Chris had the last laugh and was using these Continental Winter 2 Tyre's on his commute to work in the aforementioned snow! (I wonder exactly how many commutes he completed...)
These tyres get great reviews and Chris loves them. I would love a pair, but at about £40 a shot it's most unlikely. That's where you guys can help! - Did you notice a nice new Paypal donate button on the right side of my blog?! That's right, any kind or caring reader can aid my cause! This button was added just for fun really, but on a more serious note, readers of this blog may recount how this blog has helped create monies for various charities. These charities have included Help4Happy's, The British Heart Foundation and Agape in Action. With plans of completing the LEL this year, I am thinking of another charity to support and any ideas would be welcome.

Not wanting the icy cold conditions to prevent me doing anything, I made sure I used Ron's turbo trainer. I only used it once mind, but that's better than nothing. I have a set of rollers but they make the sound of a screaming pig when in use.

Not wanting to miss out on his exercise, Ron suggested we go for a walk mid-week. I thought this was a great idea and so did Cody. We walked a route that SJ and I used to run, the run we dubbed 'the Stinky Route' as it went past the sewage works which, well, stinks! Ron made the route a little more interesting by finding a horizontal hollow tree that one had to climb through. This tree, according to Ron, was the 'Tree of Destiny'. I logged in first. Ron passed through shortly after. Cody gave that 'no way' look.

My next adventure was on Friday, with my 37 week's pregnant wife SJ and Cody. We took a trip to Narnia. We didn't spot the White Witch but saw the trail of snow and ice she left behind...
 Later in the day on Friday I was pleased to hear work was a no-go due to the snow. Hey ho, way to go! With this awesome piece of news, Cody and I went on another snowy adventure with my mother. We took a trek over the fields of Studley.
Cody safely made it across to the further fields. Sadly, mother wasn't quite as nimble on her feet. Cody behaved real well, after all she was following in my foot steps ...
We finished the day paying a tribute to Ron. It was Ron's birthday you see. So, we passed through his Tree of Destiny!
By the end of the week the snow was still with us. The snow and ice prevented me from cycling any real miles. I chose to complete the week by taking my dad and sister Kim to the Tree of Destiny! Kim got stuck in (literally)!
My dad, aged 66 I might add, logged in too! Good man!
And Cody proved she was hardened canine too! And with that we all passed through. And that was the end of another week - all true.
All in all, a terrible week on the cycling front. I cycled zero kilometres of a desired 90. My yearly total remains at 310 miles. Still, I had a lot of fun.


  1. What an adventure! Cold weather is a great prevention for cycling. But He can enjoy the cold weather who have ability to do such an adventure. Wow!!!

    ------Hasib Sarker


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