Sunday 23 March 2014

Even dirty rats leave sinking ships

A birthday card from the Hodges
Spent Monday morning catching up on what my friends, family and fellow enthusiasts had done / had planned of late. Most notably, Jane was spinning in a gym after some time away from the bike and considering whether she should ditch her cleats. Lin had been preparing for the London Prudential 100 mile road. However, Chris topped the chart! Chris had been given £50 for chatting about bike related nonsense and had gotten entry into both the Eroica Britannia and the L'eroica in Italy. These Eroica events are classy retro race type things. I wish I could support Chris in Italy (like he supported me in France) but with this event being in October and having a 'little one', it looks most unlikely. Chris's adventures can be followed here: Chris's aka Mr O's biking bulletin
A birthday card from the Mrs
Monday evening was spent with Ron and our MTB's. We started cycling the Deer route but diverted once we spotted a suitable off-road track. Surprisingly the ground was hard. Was real fun to be off-road after so long. We rejoined the Deer route further along and was able to cycle back by continuing with the 'dirty' i.e. off-load version. All in all, a super x-country single-speed MTB spin.
A birthday card from Jane, she's sure she spotted me in there...
Didn't Cycle again until Thursday. Tuesday and Wednesday were spent panicking - I had to prepare for an interview. I was actually interviewed on the Wednesday, my day of my birth.
A year older, birthday shirt courtesy of the Mrs
Thursday was a great day all round. I was pleased to have landed a new job as a British Transport Police - Senior Liaison Nurse. Woo hoo! Will from MadeGood emailed me about their LEL documentary and stated ''[We] are planning an event in the mid-summer some time, which we will invite everyone that took part [in documentary] to attend. We’ll also have a copy of the film you can take away, and I’m thinking about putting together an unedited timeline of all the footage we have of you as a memento you can keep…  I’ll be in touch again when we’ve got some idea about a date for the summer screening''. To top that, I had a great cycle too! I cycled a x-country single-speed MTB jolly covering about 50k. Only slight downer to the day was the fact that I fell off my bike twice!

Final adventure of the week was another x-country SS MTB adventure. This time around I took Aid for a blast on some of the roads and trails I skirted along earlier in the week. Was great to be out getting so muddy. Only menace was that both Aids tyres punctured despite his slime-filled tubes.
Lunar agrees, Life is Good!
No running this week. Cycled 123k. Aged a year. Landed a new job. Received news from MadeGood. Life is good.

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