Sunday 5 June 2016

Week 7. Slow you are, train you must.

Monday was a Bank Holiday and I was still feeling as rough as a badgers backside. A trip to out-of-hours GP confirmed what we already knew - I was suffering with a virus. Advised to stay out of bed and eat Paracetamol and Ibuprofen regularly.

Was feeling better on Tuesday but not right. The demons in my head-space were commenting about all the hard work that had now been undone due to me being ill. I wished the voices hadn't reminded how close this pending IM event is.

Wednesday was the day that my training kicked off again. I ran into work and then ran back after work too! My usual runs from work are largely un-enjoyable, however, I actually enjoyed this run. Maybe the thought of getting further away from work was appealing?!

Thursday was kinda like Wednesday except that I swapped my running shoes for my bike. My legs were feeling achey from the run the day before - or were they feeling achey because they had been out of action for a spell? Who knows?
A folly spotted whilst on my jolly.
Friday felt like a proper training day. My day started with a 2,500m pool based swim. The swim was ok, but how I wish I could go faster.
Following the swim (and much faffing about and eating etc), I jumped on my IM bike and cycled for over 4 hours. I essentially cycled to Evesham heading for Cleeve Hill. After Cleeve Hill, I tackled Fish Hill and then Saintbury Hill before heading home. I figured some hill climbing might 'make up a little' for the time I had spent away from training.
It was a very hot day and my poor pegs got a tad sun burnt. To finish my day off, I ran for a stretch after I got off the bike. I had wanted to run for a couple of hours but only managed one. The heat was so strong that I was feeling quite sick and dehydrated. I had also lost the £1 I had put into my pocket for emergency drinking purposes. D'oh!

On Saturday, I swapped my IM bike for my winter one and cycled to work and back. This was an easy way to add a couple of hours cycling to my training. Tried to force myself to run when I got home but that didn't happen.

Sunday started with a 2,500m pool based swim. Still slow - train I must. It took me 1 hour and 26 mins to complete this distance and it took me the exact same time on Friday too. I might be slow but at least I'm consistent! Finished my training with a XC run. I didn't run for as long as I wanted but not too bad considering the heat.
This weeks scores
All in all, not a bad week. I had wanted to train for about 17 hours and came just short of that target. Pleased with my cycling. Would like to open water swim more and invest more time into my running. Not long to race day now...

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  1. Swimming is technique, technique, technique. Start with bubble, bubble, breath.....


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