Saturday 30 July 2016

Dum Dum.

Following a week of rest, i.e. a week of doing very little, I got back on my bike and exercised at last. I still did very little but at least I did something. My headspace continued to be filled with thoughts of the Ironman. Below are a couple of pictures that have helped keep the Ironman buzz going.
The 'Woo Hoo' lady
My bicycle was one of these
Anyways, back to my activities... My first cycle post Ironman was a lovely tandem cycle with my buddy Roger. We took a 57k ride to Whitlenge tea rooms and back. The customary breakfast was delicious. Great to be back on a bike, even if it wasn't my own.

My first post Ironman cycle commute didn't happen until the end of the week. I had wanted to cycle earlier (honest) but was unable to do so as my commute bike was in a local bike shop awaiting a build. I had gotten this bike serviced but when returned to me the front wheel was squealing like a pig. Took bike back to shop and they thought perhaps it was bearings in hub - paid a tenner for new bearings but problem persisted. Bike shop folk then decided the hub had had it and a new wheel build was required. Grr. I could have purchased a brand new wheel but I didn't. Instead I got a funky new hub and had some nice black spokes laced onto my old rim and this new hub. Aesthetically pleasing and pig noise gone!
With such a lovely wheel build, it felt great commuting once more. The bike was smooth and looked awesome. Well, the rear wheel looked naff as it still had dirty silver spokes unlike the front and an unbranded hub to boot. My return commute was not so great - the heavens opened big time!
My wife got me a funky new card (above) praising my Ironman efforts. Or, was she covertly trying to tell me something else?! Hmm.... My wife also posted a photo to FaceBook (below) exclaiming 'Only a week after his Ironman and he is back to struggling to open the cereal container'. Hmm.
My next adventure is a planned bike packing trip from Turin to Nice with my buddy Chris. Have been thinking about packing lists and bike set up's and next blog post will hopefully detail my plans a little more. I guess it's time to change the title of my blog. Hmm, maybe 'Tim Tom Taylor's Time To Think Turino'?

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