Sunday 11 December 2016


This weeks challenge was to run 4 x 5 miles. First run was on a cold frosty morning and saw me run along the towpath. I ran from Tardebigge (or 'turd-de-big' as my brothers would say) to bridge 47 and back. Sweet. Same evening, I cycled a 20k route with Ron. This was an on and off-road jaunt. Ron came off at one point as he hit some ice. How many times have I told him to invest in Top Contact winter tyres?!

Wednesday saw my second run. I ran 5 miles by weaving around the streets in my village. Found this run quite challenging, especially as I had landed myself another cold. Took my pink bike frame and 'bits' to Gozzard Bikes this day too and am awaiting a new single-speed bike to be built up - how exciting.

Over the weekend I ran 2 further 5 mile routes. The routes were essentially the same (not quite) but ran in opposing directions. My runs took me to the Slough and back, all on tarmac. Pleased I completed my set challenge.

And so ends another week. Still awaiting Pinky to be built up. Cold has gone.

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