Sunday 18 June 2017

Holidaze (Round and 'round and up and down)

Oh man, realised I hadn't blogged for a while so here follows a summary of past couple of weeks. Didn't have much to dance and shout about really. Save for the fact that I had a lovely holiday in the bright shiny weather with the family and all.
Anyways, managed to complete just 2 work and back commutes the week before my holidaze. The first commute was interesting as I spotted a baby adder on the ride. Didn't have my phone on me to take a picture so figured I'd drape snake over my bars and take a pic once home. This didn't work, poor snake soon fell off just missing my foot which kinda freaked me out. This was probably the 4th adder I've seen to date whilst riding my bike.
Not my adder but much like it
My next commute was a trifle menace - I punctured for the first time using my new machine 'Blue'. Thankfully, this was a front puncture so didn't require messing with my rear hub wheel geared complexity. I fixed the puncture with this spray stuff that I had gotten for my Iron Man event - it was very messy and looked like shaving foam but hey, it did the trick! A week on and the tyre remains inflated.

Had a real lazy hollibobs but did manage to run on 3 occasions. My first run was a 5k barefoot jaunt across the beach. The second run was super tough - I ran across the cliffs which was super undulating and the weather very hot. Only planned a 5k run but it was over 8k by the time I finished. Final run was again along the beach and stoney sections for a good 5k.
Bare foot run
Cliff top run
Hilly ain't it?!
Last Hollibobs run
The beach on which I ran and the sea we all dipped in!
Once back home, ran a couple of 5k cross country runs across the fields where I live. The nice weather had followed me. Aces!  
Still wish I was camping with these 3!

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