Saturday 17 February 2018


Oh man, felt like I’d been off my bike for ages and the sickness didn’t want to end. However, end it did and before you knew it, I was back on my bike. Maybe a couple of weeks rest did my body some good. Who knows? Whatever, motivated again!

Despite being back on the bike again, no major distance was cycled this week. 2 back to back work commutes was what I managed to achieve. 100k was better than nothing. Nice to be able to cycle home in daylight now. I wonder how my next long distance ride will fare?

Whilst off my bike, spent a lot of time thinking about being on my bike. Am wanting to get my head space sorted in regards to TAW and hope I carefully and thoughtfully take the right equipment. I believe I have my ‘sleeping kit’ checklist sorted, as detailed below:
  • Alpkit Hunka XL bivvy (much lighter than my army gore-tex bivvy that I generally use for camping) 
  • Alpkit Pipe Dream 200 XL sleeping bag (SJ’s DIY bag is almost as good as, if not better than this. However, this bag has a water resistant coating and a hood) 
  • Silk sleeping bag liner (originally was going to omit, however, Jamie reminded me it would keep my sleeping bag cleaner) 
  • Alpkit Cloud Base sleeping mat (is lighter than my regular Gelert 3/4 mat, is way less bulky and is full length) 
  • Merino long sleeve top (warm top with wicking capability, oh and odur free allegedly) 
  • Cheap running tights (provide extra warmth and can be used when cold on bike too) 
  • Buff (nice to cover my eyes and/or exclude draught) 
  • Dry socks (my poor feet often feel the cold at night)    
All of the above will be kept dry in an Alpkit dry bag attached to the front of my bars in a Wild Cat harness. Perfect.
Lunar 'Owly' at Packwood House
The week ended with a pretty awesome weekend. Saturday morning began with a 5k run. This run felt kinda nice, especially considering I had not ran for so long. I had a bit of pain in both my heels (had been like this for a week or so) and just hope it's not an indication that plantar-fasciitis is looming. Later on Saturday, SJ and I took the kids on an adventure to Packwood House and the 'Wishing Tree'. Is always fun watching the kids trudge in much mood.
Melody Moo at Pckwood House
Finished the weekend (and the week) with another 5k run. Felt good to be back cycling and running this week. Next week, all being well, will see a return to long distance.
Maybe, Mr Wide-Eyes will train with me?!

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