Saturday 5 October 2019

October BAM

Early October and I'm pleased to report that I have completed my 10th consecutive calendar month wild camp! Only 2 further wild camps to go and I will have completed my Bivy-A-Month (BAM) challenge. How cool is that?!
October BAM
My brother 'Rob dog' and my other blood 'Jamie' joined me on this particular camp. We decided to camp in Stafford, not far from Rob dog's abode. The not-so secret coordinates were pops.differ.hospitals.

It was dark when we headed for the woods. I think we cycled an almost complete circle (well hike-a-biked really) through lots of bracken before we found a nice flat(ish) spot to camp. This was a little clearing littered with lots of interesting fungi and bright stars shining right above.
Jamie and his new Rap bivy
Jamie and I set about pitching our bivy's almost straight away. Jamie was pitching his brand-new Rab (ridge raider) bivy. The Rab bivy looked really smart, with a wide entrance well supported by a pole and guide ropes.
Meanwhile, Rob dog set about cooking. Sausage was on tonights menu. Along with cheese. Delicious.
Easy to chill out once fed. Just like the fungi, we were 3 fun guys (see what I did there)? We chatted, told stories, shared jokes and drank fermenting liquids before we settled down to a relatively early night.

We all slept pretty fine. Before we dropped off though we heard the sound of a bee buzzing and owls hooting. Jamie and Rob dog reported hearing foxes bark too. Surprised I heard no snoring.
When morning light came, it was great to see how awesome our camp spot was. My bivy blended superbly with the close surroundings. Top spot!
Jamie was first to rouse, followed by me. Jamie was leaving camp early as he had to return home and attend to his son. Not surprised Rob dog was last to surface - he had auricular acupuncture just prior to heading out last night. (Better yet, it was me who pinned his ears. I had just attended day 1 of my acupuncture course and he was a willing volunteer). Jamie's new bivy performed great - no menace condensation, 'dry as a bone'. Maybe I'll swap my Outdoor Research bivy for a Rab?!
Rob dog and I celebrated the completion of this wild camp by eating further sausage and cheese. This was washed down with a lovely cup of jasmine green tea. Already looking forward to November's camp!
Who on Earth would camp here?!

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