Saturday 9 November 2019

November BAM

This weekend saw me complete my 11th consecutive month of wild camping. Yes indeed, only 1 month to go and my Bivy-A-Month (BAM) challenge will be complete. The Phantom and Rob dog joined me on this wild camping jolly.
Phantom chose our secret camp spot the night before and we planned on camping at dampen.overjoyed.bubble (see what3words), however, we did not. We actually found a frightening awesome camp spot about 300m away from the planned spot. This spot was really awesome.
We were neither up or down a hill, but positioned about half-way from the bottom and top. This spot was slightly flattened and enclosed by trees in front and back and to the left side and a wonderful view point was to the right. Provided great shelter from the wind and a perfect view of the night sky with the many stars shining and a near full moon.
It was a cold and wet night. We had to bike-a-hike for a spell before reaching our spot and the bikes were covered in mud. I think these were the reasons we were slightly whacked and retired to bed relatively early. Of course, we still had some sausage and chilli-cheese baps before bad and a nip of JD (or similar). During the night, we heard the hoots of an owl and realised we were sharing this camp spot with a bird.
For the first time in like forever, I didn't awake early in need of an emergency wee. In fact, I didn't climb out of my bivy until 7 a.m. which was a real lie in for me. It got cold in the night, however, I was relatively warm and snug throughout. On waking it was super cold (about -1 C) and I was real pleased I had taken my 2 sleeping bags with me on this trip.
Great thing about the morning was that we saw the sun rise and the mist slowly disappear and letting great views appear. Lovely colours this time of year. Better yet, Phantom and Rob dog both started cooking breakfast. We had more sausages, cheese, bacon and baps. Delicious!
No breakfast is complete without a hot cuppa. My job was to make the lovely jasmine green tea. Washed the breakfast down just a treat.
Rob dog and I saw the owl from the night before when morning came. As Rob dog went for a comfort break, Oliver owl flew right past him. How excellent this camp spot proved to be.
We took a lot of food with us on this occasion. So much so, we were able to have seconds. Even after that, I considered eating my bro...
As we left camp it was beautiful looking around and taking in God's fantastic creation. The colours. The shapes. The beauty of it all.
We took a different exit out to the way we entered in. Getting out was much simpler and we were on familiar tracks. We're sure to camp here again and next time, our way out will be our way in!
Already looking forward to December. Will we  actually camp here or there? Y'know, I'm happy to camp anywhere!

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