Saturday 9 May 2020

BAM #2 (Big Brummie Campout) / Lee Botwood / Pimped up PiXiE

BAM #2 (Big Brummie Campout)
Bivy-A-Month (BAM) #2 was an interesting camp. Decided to coincide this camp with the 'Big Brummie Campout'. This campout was essentially a campaign launched by SIFA Fireside (a homeless charity) that focused on the importance of 'home' at a time when everybody was being forced to spend more time than usual on their own (due to C19 issues). The campaign suggested a donation to their charity as folk pitched a tent in the garden, built a DIY den on their balcony, created a cushion castle in their living room or whatever wild camping idea took their fancy. Great excuse for a bivy if you ask me...
2 peas in a pod (namely Lunar and Melody)
My girls were keen on a back garden camp out. Our original plan was that just Lunar and I would camp and we figured we would use the 2 man tent. Melody, decided she wanted to camp too though, so out came my bivy. Plan B was that the girls would sleep together and I'd be on my own.
A couple of my mates with whom I often camp, decided to camp out this night too (and help support SIFA). Obviously they weren't in my garden. Through the wonders of WhatsApp, we still felt kinda connected and were able to share our camps.
Ron and his back garden camp
Jamie, about to set up his camp
When night time came, my girls and I reverted back to plan A. Lunar and I would sleep in the tent and Melody would look after her mum indoors. It was a lovely warm night and after so long we all dropped off to sleep.
Lunar and I were both awake by 6 a.m. - the noisy dawn chorus had woken us up. These singing birds were real noisy. Too loud in Lunar's opinion.
We were treated to nice views (of the garden) as we pulled the tent flaps back. Ha! It was surely going to be another beautiful day.
Morning World
Shortly after wakening we were treated to further nice views, this time of our friends. Oh, how great is WhatsApp?! Looks like they had a great night too...
Morning Ron
Yup, Jamie needs a coffee
Lee Botwood Menu Card © aDvEnTuRe SqUaD
Back in 2018, Jamie and I cycled a rather tough 300k event called the 'Yr Elenydd'. Thing was, during that event a rather strange cyclist, 'Lee Botwood' cycled alongside us at times. This Lee Botwood was overly interested in road kill - we saw him pick up a flattened hare and lick his lips. I make mention to him now, as Jamie has come up with a potential money-making scheme - yup, a 'Lee Botwood' menu card...
The last bit of big news for this blog post concerns PiXiE, my new fixie. I'm pleased to report the more I cycle her the more I'm learning to control her and more confident I feel. I still can't jam the pedals to stop, cycle backwards or any other funky tricks but at least I can stay upright and cycle long and far.
I think it's fair to say that PiXiE looks 'sick'. She looked super cool before, but much improved after pimping her up a little. 

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