Wednesday 8 July 2020

July 2020 wild camp

Once upon a time, 2 weary travellers (namely Jill and Dave) stumbled upon what surely must have been a pre-historic, perhaps neolithic site. Jill and Dave informed their son-in-law of this great find. Jill and Dave's son-in-law just happened to be my buddy Ron. Ron then checked this site out and just had to tell me about it. Ron and I paid a visit to the site, now dubbed the 'JD spot', and we agreed that a wild camp should take place here.
The site as Jill and Dave would have found it
A camp took place during the month of July. Plans for a 2020 Bivvy-A-Month were aborted, mostly due to Covid issues, however, it was still awesome to wild camp when time and constraints allowed. Four of us camped out together and this included Ron, myself, Robin and 'newbie' Phil. Phil wasn't new to wild camping, but this was the first time he had camped out with us lot.
Almost as soon as we had 'landed' at the JD spot, Rob (as predicted) set about cooking. The rest of us figured we would set up our camp spots first. Ron set about starting a fire soon after - it would have been rude not too considering a fire circle was already in place. Ron chose to set up his bivvy under the pre-installed shelter set up.
Our supper was delicious. Lancashire sausages, chilli cheese and bread rolls. This was washed down with Jasmine green tea. A rather splendid feast.
The dancers
Rob Dog and Doo
Lovely to have a fire going
JD Camp Spot
Following our supper, we danced a little, chatted much, and generally just hung out. Was nice to share various different drinks amongst our group. We chilled out to various different songs and it was handy that Phil had bought his smart speakers with him.
When morning came it was easier to see how we had all set up camp. Phil had opted for a hammock which looked real neat. I've never used a hammock and must admit I'm a wee bit curious now.
Rob, Phil and Doo's sleeping quarters
Phil's hammock
Ron had opted to sleep under the pre-formed shelter. Not sure how well he slept as I never heard him snore (most unusual). We certainly heard deers screaming in the night though.
Rob's little patch looked untidy, but on closer inspection he had all his gear in it's own place. His frying pan would be turned upside down to keep out the creepy crawlies and be ready to use again in the morning. I slept pretty well in my hooped bivvy, just got a little hot in the night and had to remove my socks.
Sure enough, once we were all awake, Rob started cooking breakfast which consisted of more sausages and rolls. I took to cooking too and added eggs (laid by my very own Silkie chickens) to our scran. Delicious. Breakfast was washed down with Jasmine green tea once more.
Not long after breakfast, we cleared our camp and left nothing behind. We came away with another adventure that will be talked about fondly in the days that follow. As always, already looking forward to the next camp.

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