Saturday 30 January 2021

Jolly Jan into Fantastic Feb

Oh man, it's the end of January and will soon be February. England, like many other parts of the world is still suffering with a crazy Covid pandemic. Currently in a lockdown and trying my best to be jolly and optimistic...

On the training/challenge/exercise front, not much took place in January. Actually, that's not true. A lot of activity took place but it was all indoors. Yup, have turned into a bit of a recluse (just like the rest of the nation due to these 'lockdown' rules), however, have cycled lots indoors. I've really become quite an indoor cyclist and am very much enjoying Zwift. Despite all the indoor miles, I have not cycled outside once this year and have not ran at all - indoors or out. The rules don't prevent me from going outside, however, we're not allowed to exercise in groups and all exercise has to be local. The weather has been unkind too - lots of rain and snow. Thankfully, it does not rain indoors!

On my last indoor Zwift cycle in January, some kinda weird things happened. I was cycling with my mates Jonny, Steve, 'other' Steve, and Ron the Phantom. After so many K's, Steve complained that his 'turbo trainer felt lumpy'. He carried on cycling for a spell and then realized that his tube had deflated. Not so weird one might say, however, on same ride my chain snapped. Grr, I had 'won' a couple of sprints and put the power down in an attempt to win a third and snap, crash, game over - snapped chain. Hmm, I figured I must be becoming mighty (I wish). Just before I could start cursing, my daughter came running up to me and handed a parcel that had just been delivered. I opened the parcel and wow, it was a beautiful medal I had won for completing the Roy Castle 60's Retro Run (1/2 marathon) last year. Aces! Better yet, the parcel contained a really funky running shirt and buff. Maybe it's a sign that I should move my butt outdoors and start running and brave the conditions on my other bikes?

I have a feeling in my waters that February will be fantastic!

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