Wednesday 17 November 2021

November Rain

November started off so well. Took 'B' out for her first off-road ride and cycled the Breadcrumb Trail. Sweet.

Sweetness soon turned sour. Neil (work buddy) was friends with the drummer from 'Bullet'. Neil and I went to see Bullet play at some venue in Cardiff. This was a 'heavy' night, and heavy dancing led to heavy fall, which led to me breaking my foot.

Doo and Neil

Although my foot hurt somewhat, I didn't know it was broken at the time. I hobbled back to work for a couple of days and then partook in a wonderful cycling adventure. My cycling adventure took me to Weston Super Mare and back. 

Not what I expected to see on my way to WSM (reminded me of playing with Baby Ganesh and Melody)
Melody playing with baby Ganesh
'Spoons breakfast is always a winner
Puncture menace!
No chance, I didn't have paper...
Cycled this Strawberry Line only a couple of weeks back
Made it to WSM!

Celebrating with a JD
JD still calling me on return home
It was only after my wife tasking me to walk our dog, and I replying I couldn't walk that I decided to go and get my foot checked out. Horrors - my foot was broken and I was given a 6 week sick note! Sweet November Rain!

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