Saturday 4 December 2010

Big Freeze

This week I became a fair weather cyclist. The weather was not fair. I did not cycle.

In place of my weekly mountain bike ride with Ron, we went over the snowy fields of Studley with Cody. A nice walk in the freezing cold. I thought we'd be silly to take our bikes out in this.

Despite a major lack of cycling, a few cycling projects were in progress. My new road shoes had arrived - just need to sort out the cleats before cycling can commence. I have some spd pedals for my mountain bike - fairer weather required before I switch over from my flat pedals. And my latest project - a new blog. I have created a new new blog (with some major help from my friend Marianne) to replace this one, beginning in the new year. A new blog has been created so that anyone can post comments and the likes on the site (as this current blog requires a google account). The new blog does not officially start until the new year, but if you would like a sneak preview, please visit here:

My latest completed challenge was not related to cycling. It had a lot to do with the big freeze though. On friday night until saturday morning I slept rough in a dodgey car park in Handsworth with 5 of my work chums. My work chums were Martin, Pam, Roxy, Zalika and Kerry. We had all decided to sleep rough as a fund raising project, raising monies for a homeless charity, namely St Basil's. At time of writing this entry we had collectively raised just short of £1,000 and monies are still coming in. As I continue to thaw out, I will leave some photo's for you to peruse.

Weekly totals: Cycled 0 miles.

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