Saturday 1 January 2011

The End!

All apologies for failing to blog for so long. Christmas kicked in and I found multiple excuses to stay away from my bike. And now this poor blog is coming to an end.
This is 'the end' my friends. Indeed this is the end of this current blog and also the end of the year 2010. Read to the end of this blog entry and I'll have added stuff about new beginnings.

After a relatively lengthy break, I managed to do some cycling on both my bikes (Cayo and Scotty) just before the year ended. On Wednesday, Ron and I took our mountain bikes out in the cold, wet, slushy conditions and cycled the familiar deer route. This route has become a favourite of ours and on the last run of this ride, the electric lit up deer (from where the route name came from) was shining bright. Happy times.

The last cycle of this year was on my road bike. Ron and I met up with another 7 guys from Wythall - 'the Wythall group'. We cycled in the cold wet conditions to a cafe for a full English breakfast. It was with the Wythall group that I smashed out my teeth and broke my arm - am pleased to report that this last trek was incident free!

Weekly totals: Cycled 49 miles
This has been a great cycling year for me and I would like to conclude this blog by sharing a few statistics. This year I cycled my first ever off road event (and cycled 2 such events throughout the year), completed my second LEJOG trip, cycled from London to Paris and then on to Geneva, cycled my first audax (and have now cycled 11 such events) and cycled a sportive event! I have met a whole bunch of interesting folk during my travels and had such a great time which has enabled this blog to run it's duaration. I guess the audax events became my most frequent type of cycling and of the 11 events I rode, the distances are as follows: 1 x 50k, 5 x 100k, 4 x 200k and 1 x 300k. A number of these rides scored points - my total AUK points were 11 and I scored 4 AAA points.

Yearly totals: Cycled a distance of 5,287 miles; Swam for 5 hours and 50 mins; Skipped for 27 mins; Ran for 20 hours and 35 mins.

For those who enjoyed reading about my cycling and related adventures, you'll be pleased to know that despite this blog being terminated, a new one is about to begin. I am keeping a new blog, which is more reader friendly and will allow readers to post comments, tips, advice or other such nonsense freely and easily. This new blog will kick off very soon (hopefully 1 Jan 2011) and can be found here: Please visit, follow my adventures and post me a comment. Thankyou to all those that followed my blog, shared my adventures and touched my life. Happy new year.

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