Monday 31 January 2011

No Pain but Melanie Pain

This update has been posted a day late due to work demands. Work often gets in the way of fun. Am sure there is more fun to come.

Ran on 2 occasions during the week. The first run was around the Studley triangle. My second run was with Cody and we ran over the fields of Studley. England remains very cold this time of year and running requires great motivation.

Only cycled on 2 occasions during the week too. The first trip was a spin around the Deer route with Ron. My second trip was a cross country trek over fields in Astwood Bank and heading back into Studley via the castle.

Not a great amount of activity but the week finished with an awesome Melanie Pain gig. The pic below from left to right is Myself, Melainie Pain, SJ and Paul (an accompanying musician). Next week I may encounter a different pain as another 200k audax is planned.
Weekly totals: Cycled 35 miles, Ran for 1 hour and 8 mins.

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