Monday 16 April 2012

The mysterious disappearance of Killer Chris

This week I did mostly nothing...

Sarah Jane and I planned to have another session with Chris - the personal trainer guy, but as is his style, he vanished. SJ planned to run this week, however house chores put play to that. I planned to go out cycling lots this week, but the weather amongst other things prevented that. Kick boxing was something that SJ and I were gonna try this week, maybe we will 'after the marathon'.

I did manage to get out for one cycle. I took Florence for a lap of the TTT 20 route. This was nearly a no-goer, it had been raining and Florence is a fair weather bike. However, the rain had stopped and the sun shone just long enough for me to complete my cycle. I forgot to record my heart rate.

Towards the end of the week, SJ and I went shopping (with gift monies from our wedding). We decided to buy just a couple of sporty items. I got myself a lovely, bright orange, Rohan cycling jacket that is fully waterproof and windproof. SJ got herself a child's badminton racket (an adult racket is too long for her and she always catches her arm on the handle).
On Sunday, we put SJ's new racket to good use. We played our first game of badminton as a married couple in our first game for ages. We played at Studley Leisure Centre, which again was a first for us. It was a great game - though it never really brings the best of us two out. Final score - 3 all.
Weekly totals: Cycled 20 miles.

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