Monday 2 April 2012

Honeymoon, part 1

Had a wonderful wedding day and a great honeymoon. Our honeymoon is in 2 parts, the first part took place at Studley Castle and Weston Super Mare and the second part will take place sometime in the future in China and Hong Kong. Although only recently married, this did not stop SJ (my wife) and I from exercising.
Indeed, SJ and I ran on the second day of our honeymoon. Our run was in sweltering heat. God had blessed us with perfect weather for our wedding and this summer like weather continued for the whole duration of our honeymoon. The run started from Kewstoke, where we were staying, right beside the sea front. Almost immediately we were running through a very undulating track through Weston Woods. The woods were hard work but the tree cover provided nice shade from the hot sun. My thoughts only momentarily turned to cycling as we passed an awesome BMX track created in these woods. Once out of the woods we ran a little on the road, passing the old Weston pier before crossing a jetty over a lake. After the lake we ran across Weston's sea front passing the new pier all the way until we ran out of sea front. Strangely, I got wolf whistled when I removed my top. We stopped and downed a bottle of water here before embarking on our return journey. On our return, we ran across the beach front until we reached the pier then essentially ran the same route back that we initially followed. A great run, but I was somewhat whacked by the time we finished.
Midweek proved to be pretty awesome on the exercise front. First off, I took Scotty for a lap around the Breadcrumb Trail. Crossed over naughty fields to reach said trail. The ground was rock hard and the weather had continued to be kind and warm. At one point I was suspended momentarily in the air - my camelbak had become caught in a tree. After hovering for just a few seconds the elastic cord snapped! Grr, much menace. Mark Weaver keeps all his tools and kit in a separate bottle in his 2nd bottle cage - this may be the way forward?! After the trail I visited old trails that lead near to Studley Castle. Didn't quite make it to the top of Thistle Fall Hill but hey, so what. Passed through the 'bird park', down the big hill and thought about my honeymoon as I caught site of the Castle. Returned home feeling jolly after my morning out. Better yet, my wife came home early too. SJ took me for a run. We ran the extended Studley Triangle. We didn't do too bad considering it was still real hot. Am pleased it's SJ running the London marathon and not my good self!

The last adventure of the week really sealed the fact that I'm glad SJ is running a marathon and not me! I accompanied her (on Queeny, my bike) on one of her long runs. SJ ran, without stopping all the way to Alcester. From Alcester she continued to Oversley Woods and ran around them. I'm sure she won't mind me pointing this out, but let me tell you, when she first started running, a run around the woods would be more than enough for her. After the woods, she ran back to Alcester via Kinwarton and then ran some more all the way back to Studley! SJ didn't even moan or groan! I felt tired and I was on my bike! Well done SJ and thanks for the little tuck stop on the return route!

Oh, and married life is awesome!
Weekly totals: Ran 11.3 miles; Cycled 38 miles.

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