Sunday 9 February 2014

Self suffieciency

For a third week in a row, I cycled less than 100k. Next week doesn't look to promising either. Time is never time at all.

On the one occasion I did manage to get my bike out, Ron and I cycled a urban MTB route. We basically cycled streets into and out of Redditch from home to home. On route, Ron punctured. This was really annoying, as Ron's puncture was on a tyre that I had fitted (for Xmas purposes) with a anti-puncture slime tube. Anti-puncture my butt! Also on-route we by-passed Aid's abode but he wasn't able to come out and play. We don't think Aid has been out for about 6 months and are now placing bets he won't cycle the Snowdrop Express 123k audax this month for fear of being chicked! I hope Aid does come out and play that day.

This lack of cycling got me down this week and I just couldn't create or find enough time to go out on any long distance spins. A simple solution was found - why not go out running?! I could fit a run in, no problem - a 5k run would only take about half an hour.

To be honest, my idea of running came about following a recent read. I got hold of Ronnie O'Sullivans autobiography entitled 'Running'. Ronnie is my favourite snooker player. Strangely, I have no interest in taking up snooker but felt inspired to run.
My first 'Ronnie inspired' run was a lap around the Studley triangle. This was basically a 3 mile run around the village where I live. I used to run this route in times past, especially with SJ when she was training for her marathon. Considering I hadn't run for months (years?) I felt pretty good and thought my pace was good - 5.51 mins/km. Not sure if that really was 'good' but that was quicker than 10 minute miles. Good enough for me!

The following day and my legs really hurt, especially my thighs. Now I remembered why I preferred cycling to running. Not only did my legs ache but so did my back and chest. Still wanting to exercise, I considered another run. The voice in my head was telling me not to run - 'it'll kill you', 'you'll never do it'. I reasoned with my voice and figured that a run had never killed me in the past and if I was really in trouble, I could just walk. According to Ronnie (and Dr Steve) the voice in my head is really a chimp - read 'Running' and you'll make sense of what I say. So, ignoring my voice (chimp) I ran the Studley triangle again but in the easier, reverse direction. It hurt, but I made it all the way around without walking and had a quicker pace than the day before - 5.44 mins/km. The following  days and I could hardly walk - ha!

Lunar's birthday party, organised by SJ was my next 'event'. This was a great day and I was so proud of my 2 lovely girls. SJ, Lunar (and absent Cody Dog) - I love you so much! x
My 2 lovely girls
Finished the week by going for another run. This run was a relatively hilly affair that took me into Redditch and back. During the run I felt pretty good despite my pace being quite slow. I ran over 8k and wonder if I'll ache tomorrow?!
Hilliness profile of my 8.2k run to Redditch and back
It was nice to get out and cycle and run this week. I prefer cycling as it gives me a longer time to meditate and less pain is experienced. My mind tried to meditate whilst running but the pain barrier was hard to cross. At often times my cycling and running gave me a sense of self-sufficiency. However, a Sunday service helped me realise that I am not really self-sufficient at all.

'Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think of anything as being from ourselves, but our sufficiency is from God'. (2 Cor 3:5)

Am hoping that I'll be able to cycle a wee bit more next week compared to this one. Now my running has started, am hoping the enthusiasm stays. Time will tell.

Cycled a miserable total of 23k this week. Ran nearly as far as I cycled! I ran a total distance of 19.3k.
Lunar says 'remember, cake is part of the staple audax diet'!

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