Sunday 6 April 2014

Not a lot to jot

Not a great week on the activity front. With 6 menace night shifts, what did one expect?! Still, as usual, some adventure was had.
On Wednesday, I received 5 brevet cards in the post ready for the York Arrow. This is the 400k team event (audax) that I had entered and managed to get Chris, Ron, Jamie and Andy to join as part of my team. Our team is called 'The Long Distance Lumox Lads'. The organiser never commented on my created route so the presumption is all is fine. Am quite looking forward to this adventure - the first time I have entered a team event and certainly the first time as captain. Chris and I rode a back to back 200k dart, so this will be a good progression.
My only cycle and only adventure of the week was a short blast around the BG SR 2 route. This ride was like riding in the Great smog of London back in 1952 - the UK was heavily polluted with sand and the likes from the Sahara. How bizarre, but true.

Measley scores on the doors - had cycled only 42k this week and did not run at all. Hopefully next week will be a little more active. Looking forward to my planned April events...

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