Saturday 28 June 2014


Did not post anything over past couple of weeks because I was away on my family holiday. Had a lovely time in Charmouth despite not riding a bike at all! Managed to complete a series of 5k runs, however, as depicted by the GPX track logs below.
Despite not riding a bike, I purchased some bike related stuff. Indeed, I ordered a new pair of tyres for Jenny, my cyclocross bike. This was because I had punctured 3 times already using the Continental cyclocross tyres that Jenny was equipped with. My buddy Chris suggested I replace them with Scwalbe land cruisers, so I did just that. These new tyres look beefier, were less than £20 a pair and run on a max inflation of 65 psi. Are these tyres any good? - I dunno, but will post about same somewhere in time.
Whilst away, I also swam a little. Oh, I did enjoy my holiday! Sadly, work resumes next week.

Have now ran a 131k this year and cycled some 4,195k. Hope to resume cycling next week (as well as work). Perhaps my running will stop for a season too. No swimming, there is no sea near me and local pool is way too expensive.

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