Tuesday 8 July 2014

Paynes, family, royalty and yellow sheep!

With the demands of modern life, I haven't posted for a while. All apologies for neglecting this blog. Now where to pick up?!

Oh, yes, that's it. Following my family holiday and 2 week absence from cycling, I am pleased to inform that I got back on the saddle again. I completed some work and back commutes and took my single-speed MTB out for a couple of small rides.

Sadly, my dear Uncle John passed away shortly after our holiday and he will be very sadly missed. Uncle John was a fellow cyclist and took pride in his (electric) cycle. Uncle John's sons are keen cyclists too and both came out for a spin with my brother Robin and I last weekend (this was my second single-speed MTB trek). The company was great but the weather was awful and we all got soaked to the skin! (Andy had borrowed my cycling gear and bike too - much washing and cleaning for me)!
Cousin Andrew and my dear Uncle John
On a brighter note, the Tour de France kicked off during the weekend too. How cool it is that the sport is getting the notice it deserves. Even the Royals were attentive.
Royals at the start of the TDF
Talking of royalty... My own princess is pregnant again! Below is a photo of my new babe, in utero!
Baby Taylor (no. 2)
To conclude this post, I'd like to share a photo of the mad sheep who have gotten into the spirit of the Tour de France!

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