Tuesday 29 July 2014

Rural South 300

Last week saw me complete 3 there-and-back work commutes and an epic audax adventure. The audax was the Rural South 300. This audax was in the South, rural and 300 (and 4) k's long! To top that, this was my 100th completed audax to date. I thought a 100k audax would be nice to mark my 100th audax, but, oh no, I had to be extra! My buddy, Chris Hodge, joined me on this adventure. Below are a collection of thoughts, remarks, ponders, etc...

GPX Track Log of my route
Super nice country lanes
At one juncture, I reached speeds of 50 mph. Zoomy! It was mega hilly in places!
Hilliness profile for Rural South 300
It was a beautiful day with lots of long roads, often winding and undulating in nature.
We rolled on this
My buddy Chris was cycling with me. This was to be his second 300k audax. Both of us just need to complete a 600k event this season to qualify as Super Randonneurs. We are mighty!
Chris facing the towers of doom
There seemed to be a M.O.D theme to this ride. We passed funny towers, forts and egg shaped satellite dishes. Bizarre!
Check out my gun!
Both our bikes were creaking and had chain ring related problems. I am too poor to get my bike fixed just yet.
Timmy Top Gun!
About 23 cyclists took part in this event. Chris and I cycled together and at times were joined by a cyclist we dubbed 'Frankie Moon'. Frankie had helmet hair and looked a bit like a cling-on.
Egg like things in the distance
We were not the last to finish! We had an hour before our time limit was up. We both felt okay the following day.

PS I ate as well as ever and had basil on 2 separate occasions. The first was with tuna - lovely sarnies made by my wonderful sister Jane - many thanks! The second dose of basil was with some tomato soup on the return leg. Jane's basil won!

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