Friday 16 January 2015

Melody Maker

(Not so) patiently waiting for our chick to hatch
No sign of our new delivery on Saturday. With little else to do, decided to run the Studley Triangle (reverse). Boy, was this a blustery day! So windy in fact, that our fence had blown in. Bumped into John V and his dog 'Jumble' on route which was nice.
No sign of new delivery on Sunday. Grabbed my rope and attempted to skip once more. I managed just 4 sets of 50 skips, with a suitable breather between each set. I know that's a poor effort really, but man, it's harder than I thought. Guess it's best to start easy.
Not really the weather for cycling!
No sign of delivery on Monday. Ran the Studley Triangle route. Think I had started to 'get into' this running malarkey. It was a real windy day again - just as well I had planned to stay off the bike this week.
No sign of delivery on Tuesday. Took Lunar to Rhythm Time and then grabbed my rope. I completed a further 4 sets of 50 jumps with a breather between each set. Had not gotten any easier mind...
Wednesday and the egg showed signs of cracking. No time for exercise as such. Followed advice and ate curry and 'yeah George'. We ate our curry at Little India in Astwood Bank and that restaurant was a definite thumbs up!
Thursday and the egg showed signs of cracking! After a wait of over 40 weeks, at 11 minutes past 5 in the evening, the egg finally cracked! Welcome to the world 'Melody'! Melody weighed in a 7 lbs and 1 oz. What a beauty!
Doo, the 'Melody Maker'
Friday, I skipped for Joy Melody! I think as a family we will skip and dance our cares away! We are gonna dance before any storm!

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