Friday 6 February 2015

Fox in socks

Cycle commute to work on Monday and boy was it cold. Brrr. It was -2C on my trek to work. What better way to test out my new Prenda Winter Thermolite socks. I wore these socks as a solo pair inside my shoes that were fitted with toe covers, as opposed to full overshoes. These socks looked fine and a had a good height on the cuff. Extra but not excessive material was on the toes, heel and contact points. For a winter sock, these were relatively thin and certainly not bulky which was a real winner. Socks felt comfortable and my feet, despite not being toasty warm, were not frozen either. 
My verdict, a great sock that would be ideal for long distance cycling when a warmer sock is needed during the colder nights. Because the socks are relatively thin they would fit easily into regular cycling shoes. For those extra cold days I would try adding a silk sock or other thin sock and test the warmth then. Am not sure how these socks would fare if they get wet - perhaps time will tell. Oh, and these socks were relatively cheap at £7.95 a pair. Commute home was also cold but at least it was just above freezing then. Commuted by bike on a further 2 occasions during the week. Exceeded my target distance again which made me smile.
Lunar had her 2nd birthday on Tuesday. We (that is me, SJ, Jackie, Melody and Lunar) spent some time at Imagination Street. Rest assured, some of us had a mini workout here!
On Friday, I ran to work and back. Not the whole distance obviously, just my usual 5k route (so 10k in all). The run in was real cold again and patchy ice was about. The return run was hard work and my legs felt heavy. 'Iron legs' Jamie commented, haha, if only they would carry me through an Iron Man event! 
Only managed 2 skipping sessions in the week. Both my workouts followed the formula 'skip = 4 x (4 x 80)'. Don't think my skipping has improved too much and I blame the rope. I have a RDX rope but the leather keeps twisting around the handle. I know a workman shouldn't blame his tools, but hey...  My evidence is concrete and I am convinced a non-leather rope will work better.  I plan to buy a new (non-leather) rope and test out my theory.


  1. Oooh I'll keep those socks in mind. I get Raynauld's so suffer a lot (altho not had it at all whilst pregnant - additional core heat seems to be keeping my fingers & toes from going numb!)

    Sounds like you had a productive week :-)

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