Saturday 14 March 2015

Every good boy deserves fudge

First ride of the week was a jolly with Aid. Hadn't ridden with him for a long time, so this made a welcome change. We both cycled using my bikes - Aid took my MTB and I used my cycle-cross. We cycled to the Arrow Valley Lake so I could point out the start of the Parkrun events. Aid says he'll run a Parkrun with me in a couple of weeks. Place your bets now, I reckon he'll be a DNS! We finished our trek by cycling the familiar Deer route. Nice.
All my cycling activities this week used the same bike - my Genesis Day One single-speed cycle-cross. I had fitted her with a new saddle, a Brooks Cambium. This saddle was just fine (although more flexible than my other Cambium Brooks saddle). I figured that since I spend most days on this bike a comfortable perch should be a must. Not disappointed! Tested this saddle on a work and back commute and 2 additional jollies in the week!

Only ran on one occasion. This was my run from Cadbury's into work. Each and every time I have ran this route it has taken me 33 minutes (according to Strava).
This week I also got my hands on a new toy! This toy, or gadget, was a TomTom multi-sport cardio GPS sports watch. Have only used it once thus far (on my last cycle trip) but already consider it the dogs doo-dah's. It has functions that allow it to be used for cycling, swimming and running. Better yet it measures heart rate without the need of a chest strap. Expensive - yes. However, my buddy Chris works for TomTom so I was able to negotiate 'mates rates'. 

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