Friday 27 March 2015

Parkrunning across the universe...

Another great start to the week. Ran my third Parkrun and could you believe it - Aid (my cousin) joined me. Against all odd's, he ran. Better yet, I think he actually enjoyed it! I finished in 39th place out of 281 runners and came 8th in my age category. I set another personal best and ran this run with a time of 22:14. Was very happy with my time and know I can better this as I didn't do a sprint finish. Aid did well on his first ever 5k run, his time was 31:25.

I cycled to the start and finish of the Parkrun event which was nice. Once back home, I changed into my 'proper' cycling gear and joined Aid again for a cycling jolly. We cycled a route similar to the one I cycled with Roger last week on his tandem. We omitted the Cofton Hackett hills and added a little detour from the Jimney Ring. A good all-round day though felt we should really have finished with a swim!
Finished the week with a usual to and back cycle commute. The chocolate smell that I could sniff as I passed Cadbury's was delicious. I've been informed they actually make chocolate bicycles!

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