Monday 15 June 2015


Last week, I was on my holibobs. As a result of this, little training was undertaken. Mostly, I ate and all the wrong sort of stuff too!
It's not like I didn't exercise at all, I managed 3 runs during the course of the week. Each run took me from our holiday garden flat, touched the beach, and then returned to the flat. Weather was just right on each run.

My first run was great, as I wasn't exactly sure where I was running to and all the sights were essentially new. I ran through tunnels and over grass, sand, tarmac and soil. Despite the picture below, I didn't actually run into the sea!
Run 1 (Run to the coast) 5k
Second run was essentially an extension of my first run. Again, I ran to Wisemans Bridge but this time, I ran there twice and took a beach route on the first return and a hilly off-road (woodland) route on the second. Further tunnels were found as I ran to Saundersfoot beach. Ugh, there were jelly fish everywhere!
Run 2 (Tunnels, hills and beaches) 8.5k
Last run was essentially a jog to Saundersfoot and then a bunch (well 3) of hill repeats. Perhaps I should have ran a few more but hey I was on holiday! Oh, what fun!
Run 3 (Hilly holidaze 5.5k)

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  1. Ah lovely. My parents used to take me on holiday there when I was little. I think I'm well overdue a visit back to the area.


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