Sunday 24 January 2016

Week 27, 26 (Tenby) ...

Not really sure what happened with week 27. It was pretty poor on the whole and no swimming took place at all. Only managed to venture out on the bike on 1 occasion too, though this was a nice ride with Ron. I don't remember the previous time I cycled with Ron, so this was nice to catch up and pedal a few miles. On a brighter note, my running fared better - I ran on at least 3 occasions and ran just short of 4 hours in all.

Week 26 was much better. Better for a number of reasons - I was on holiday, no work, less stress and worry etc. On the not so good side, I was missing my wife, daughter (Melody) and bikes. I knew cycling would be pretty much no-go this week, so enjoyed a number of awesome beach runs in Tenby.
Was quite pleased with my swimming too. Managed to swim on 3 occasions - all in the pool, the sea would have been much too cold! My sister Jane joined me on each swim which was nice and on the one day Kim and Josephine rocked up too. I got the swimming pool opening times wrong so we all enjoyed an unplanned swimming lesson. All our technique's could improve... tell me something I don't know!
Yes Lunar, you can come one time!

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