Sunday 31 January 2016

Week 25 Mash Up

This week started well but I knew it was not going to last. Despite trying to keep my life as fun as possible, I had to return to work and associated menace. Illness spread across my family and my poor wife, daughter's, ma and pa have all suffered. My brother and niece are leaving for Australia next week. So, training has been compromised and these are some of the reasons why. Terry Wogan has died today too (31/01/20166) and Lemmy and David Bowie left us this year too.

Let me go back to the start of the week and report better times. On Monday, my bike withdrawal symptoms came to an end. I jumped onto my winter bike and cycled across to Roger's. Once at Roger's, we both jumped onto his tandem and had a nice cycle jolly.
Tandem cycle jolly with Roger
As usual, we cycled to a cafe, ate a big breakfast and cycled back. Nice. Once back at Roger's, I swapped over to my winter bike and cycled home. Must have covered just short of 100k in all. My day didn't stop there, oh no, once home I went to the pool for a swim. Managed to swim 2,500m (100 lengths) in about 1 hour and 20 mins. Despite still being slow, I was pleased with my swim.

Short turbo training took session place on Tuesday. Easy spin for 45 mins. I hadn't used my trainer for ages. It's kinda cool, just needs more use.

No training Wednesday. Returned to work. Mash up.

Thursday was a run day. Run commute into work, interval style. Ran 10k and was quite pleased with my relatively fast time. After work had a night out (curry) with my brother Dave and some of our work mates of old. Oh, those were the days...
Some of the gang
No training Friday. I had hoped to go for a quick indoor spin again but my rug rats had 'lost' my Garmin. Can you believe, I went for a second curry night out with Dave again, plus some of our friends?! This curry was awesome, forgot the name of the place but it was the one in Alcester next door to Waitrose. Nice!  Jose my niece and my wife SJ came along too which was super.
No training Saturday. Worked 9-9 and started the day with a curry hangover. Mash up.

Sunday was menace. Poor SJ was still suffering and Melody was too. So bad was Melody, we had to take an emergency trip to A and E. Thankfully, nothing more serious than a bug. A mighty creature is the germ, though smaller than a pachyderm... 

Somewhere in this mash up week I had a another swim. Mash up. Oh to have a sick free family and more time to train. These be the woe's of a wannabe triathlete. 

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  1. Great read, sorry I missed out on Friday; you need to arrange another!


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