Sunday 14 February 2016

Week 23 'Glory through suffering'

This week started really quite naff. My first training session was a pool based swim. The pool however was over crowded and I just wasn't 'feeling it'. I managed just 900m before I made myself get out. With the new pool prices, what a waste of 5 pounds twenty that was!

Tuesday started off pants too. I decided to run to work, interval style. After about running 3k my TomTom test watch crashed and no data was recorded. This was most annoying and the second time it's happened too. No major panic, I knew my run into work was a good 10k. The rest of the route was ran fartlek style using the bridges as indicators to speed up and/or slow down again.
My Rapha roundel
On a brighter note, my Rapha Festive 500 roundel was waiting for me at home. The 'Festive 500 has challenged cyclists to ride a total of 500km between Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve'. As a participant who completed the full 500, I was proudly presented with a woven patch, an official badge of honour for the journey I undertook. The Rapha folk also sent me a funky beer mat which will have pride of place on my office desk. This was the 3rd time I had completed this challenge now and look forward to entering again at the end of the year.

Feeling a bit more positive, I span my legs a while later that evening. 55 sweaty minutes on my turbo trainer. Am pleased it's getting some use now.
Broadway Tower
Midweek went pretty fine too. My urgent care meeting at work was cancelled so I was able to have a day off. Yay! Headed to the pool nice and early and swam 2,000m in about an hour. Had wanted to swim further but was suffering real bad with cramps. Once home, I readied my winter bike and cycled a lovely 116k adventure. It was a fine day, the sun shining, but man - it was chilly. Was nice to see the snowdrops in bloom. My wheels took me to Broadway Tower which is just so beautiful and my legs allowed me to push my bike up both Saintbury and Fish Hill. The return leg was a bit random - I essentially followed much of a Strava route cycled by another (cheers Lou). I cycled much further than planned and had to stop in Fladbury before I flagged. I stopped at the cafe that Roger introduced me too. Food this time round was pants and pricey. Felt good once home as I was starting to feel the cold. Not sure if I felt so whacked because I swam early on or just because this was the first time in a while that I cycled the great outdoors. God's creation is truly awesome. I thought about adding a run to my day but that thought was quickly dismissed!
The Great Outdoors! 116k cycle adventure
Thursday started off real cold and Jack Frost made an appearance. Had wanted to cycle to work but did not change my commute bike tyres over to the winter one's - I honestly thought that perhaps we were gonna skip the winter season this time around. Left the bike at home and took a train into work. All was not lost, however, as I ran back from work to the train station. Nice 10k run. Once home, I climbed onto my retro bike and cycled turbo trainer style for just over an hour.

Friday was a great day. This was my loooong day! First off, I swam 3,050m which is the furthest I have swam in my life. Following my swim, I took a long run, just short of 20k. Sweet!
Long run, 19.9k
Saturday was an easy day. Just jogged 5.5k before I started work. Was a push to get myself out exercising but I'm pleased I did.

Sunday was a rest day. Originally had plans to do stuff but it didn't materialise. Ah, my mother did book my accommodation ready for IronMan though ....

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