Sunday 7 February 2016

Week 24 (Wish I had time to do more)

Great start to my training week. First off, I swam 3,000m which I'm sure is my furthest distance to date. Following my swim, I ran a bunch of hill repeats covering a distance of 10k.
Following day was a run commute into work. 10K, interval style. Relatively fast run. Nice.

Mid-week was spent on my turbo trainer. Yes indeed, Wednesday was Tim Tom Taylor's Turbo Training Triathlon Time. I spent a hour cycling my retro bike without going anywhere. Still, as yet, have not moved onto the large chain ring.
Muck and Josephenus!
Thursday was pants. Bon Voyage to my bro and niece. :( No training today.
Friday was pretty awesome. SJ and I had a day off together. SJ accompanied me to the pool and timed some swim sprints for me. I swam 1,500m in all but timed a 400m and 200m swim respectively. My times were 11:29 and 4:29 respectively (I might have swam 50 extra metres on the first swim - is hard to concentrate on counting with so much stuff going on). SJ reckons I move my arms too slow. Jane later commented that I'm not lifting my elbows up. I know my head should be lower. Grr, swimming is so hard!
After my swim, we went for a McDonald's followed by a curry a short while later. This fuel helped me power my retro bike in the afternoon. I cycled for an hour and 15 mins on my turbo trainer. Nice spin, however, I am missing the great outdoors.

Rush to get to work on Saturday because I snook in a sneaky turbo session. Cycled for an hour with relatively low resistance. There was no way I was going to run today with the wild wet windy weather.

Finished the week with a 1,600m swim. The pool was a little crowded today and my swimming wasn't great. Pleased I went for a swim though. 

Total training time this week was about 8.5 hours which is still on the low side but at least it's creeping up. I think I need to start doing 2 activities a day where possible. Surely, when I start cycling the great outdoors my training times will increase too.

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