Sunday 15 May 2016

Grief. 'Good grief'. Week 10.

Oh man. Why?
Oh, the trials, troubles and tests of Tim Tom Taylor the TomTom tester, training to tackle triathlon. Some weeks are hard. This was one of them. Like the week before and the week before that.
Smile, no matter what life my throw at you (or throw you off).
I think this week was particularly testing just because of the marathon I ran the week before. My recovery was far from great and as usual I had neglected to eat healthily. Probably not a good idea for me to add the usual work menace and 'real life' into the mix. However, just because the week was a struggle did not mean it didn't end just about great. My plans were to swim, cycle and run a little easier than of late and I set myself smaller goals. I pretty much achieved my goals for each of the disciplines and, well, that's good.
Wish my nan was here to train me (knock me out).
I trained for just over 13 and a half hours this week. Spent about 2.5 hours swimming, 7 hours cycling and 3.5 hours running. Next week, I would like to add intensity and frequency to my training. Open water swimming is on the list of things to do next week too.

This week wasn't all about training. It was about eating too! I figured I should at least try and sort my fuelling options out ready for race day. With that in mind, I purchased a rice maker and a book entitled 'feed zone portables' (I think). I wanted to make delicious rice cakes - portable food that tasted yummy! I created rice cakes, but sadly mine tasted nasty. Oh, the great and impulsive ideas I have...
Rice cakes, anyone?
This week was also about remembering and being reminded of the past. The first 3 photo's were posted by others on faceBook and naturally reminded me of times past. Also, Will from the MadeGood film company got in touch with me via email. He informed that his company were going to sell the documentary that they made (where they filmed myself et al cycling the challenging 2013 LEL event). If anyone is interested in buying this super feature (with a 10% discount if they pre-order this month) then please follow this link: Super awesome LEL film. (Or contact me).
Waiting to start LEL 2013
Thank's as always to those supporting me and helping me out. Thank's to all those who have donated to my charities - I don't know who some of you are (especially the anonymous ones). Should you have a few spare coins, please feel free to donate to one of my charities listed below:
Suicide Prevention
Cancer - do one!
Don't be a dope - support scope

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