Saturday 20 August 2016

Porridge, kinda...

A rather un-eventful week. Every now and then, I get a week and everything right seems wrong again. This was largely one of them weeks.

The week didn't start too bad on the training front. I took a cycle commute to work and back on Monday. Maybe the 'going to work' bit wasn't so great.

Tuesday was a run into work. I find running a little harder of late - think that's because my frequency and intensity has greatly reduced. This run wasn't so bad.

Wednesday was much like Monday. On my cycle commute my front wheel starting making those squealing pig noises again. Thankfully this was easily fixed by tightening up the front wheel.
To take or no?
Did not train any further this week. Weather wasn't kind. Had wanted to cycle to work over the weekend (yes, I had to work the weekend too) using my fully laden gravel bike. Here lay a further problem. Am not sure how I am going to load bike up yet. Is so hard 'packing' in the bike packing sense. Still not really sure what I am going to take. Not sure what I am going to strap where. My bags seem to swing and sway a little wherever I put them. Do I need a back pack? Do I need to use a handlebar harness? Does the harness I have suit this bike? Where is my battery pack? Argh...
Had experimented making porridge this week which went a little better. I essentially stole a recipe from the internet and tried it myself. This was good because I was able to test my stove cooking skills again and potentially be able to feed myself (breakfast at least) during my planned trip. Cheap, light-weight food. The porridge mix is kept in a food bag and once hot water is added I eat from there. My wooly hat acts like a cozy. My secret mix could't be too bad either because the Mrs requested I made her a bowl and she ate the lot! 

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