Sunday 28 August 2016

Snakes (not spiders)

Oh the smell of Cadbury's chocolate as I cycled past the factory on Monday. At often times I pass Cadbury's on my work and back cycle commute. Sometimes it smells of chocolate, sometimes it doesn't - today it did! My return commute was quite special today too because I spotted the largest wild UK snake I have seen to date. Shame it was road kill. I think it must have been a grass snake. This is tat least the 4th wild snake I have seen whilst cycling now.  I do hope my mother isn't reading this.
Tuesday and Wednesday were lovely days for my cycle commute. Sunny and bright. If only I didn't have to work...

Thursday came and the weather turned bad. No exercise took place. Hard to prevent myself from becoming a fair weather athlete.

Felt better on Friday. The sun had come out and so did my running shoes. Completed a nice 10k run into work.

Weekend was spent doing family stuff with my wife and kids. We went and ventured around some rather fancy palace that housed Henry VIII at one time. Super nice seeing lots of wild deer. My thoughts soon returned to bike-packing once Lunar went and did a poo in a wooded area...

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