Monday 13 February 2017

Cool running's and the end of Sufferlandria menace (maybe)

Who's crazy idea was it to cycle the Tour of Sufferlandria? Ugh! They need beating with a stick.
Well, continue with the tour I did. Hadn't completed the stages in the right order due to Gremlins, time constraints and just because.
However, Monday started the training week and saw me complete Stage 5 'Nine Hammers'. As the title suggest, 9 big efforts emulating VO2 and Threshold intervals took place over the course of about an hour. My performance was poor - felt pretty whacked having cycled so much already. Hmm. Had trouble reaching high cadence and higher heart rate zones.
Tuesday saw me complete Stage 6 'There Is No Try'. I don't think I tried hard enough - the idea was to get faster and faster during accelerating intervals but I got slower and slower. As per usual, my high cadence struggled and my heart rate barely got into zone 5. On a brighter note, I went for a mini run with SJ which was nice.

Wednesday woke up feeling tired and groggy. This was probably because Moo had awoke early and gotten us all up. Early wake meant an early start to training. Jumped on my machine and cycled Stage 2 'The Way Out + Power Station' at last. I wish there was a way out! This was a long session - nearly 2 hours and I felt whacked from start to finish. Had troubles reaching the cadences required and my heart rate didn't want to get pushed into the higher zones. I think following day will be a rest day (and I do have a 50 hour window to complete these stages, even if I do them in a weird order). My tour, my rules, right?!

Thursday was a day of rest. Kinda. No real rest as I was working 9-9! Work. Pah!
What my saddle was starting to feel like!
Friday saw me complete Stage 7 'Hell Hath No Fury'. This was a long session and to be honest was starting to get bored of Sufferlandria. Couldn't get my heart rate high enough, struggled with the high cadences and motivation almost gone. 2 more stages to go and all will be complete. The next 2 stages are stupid long though - each other 2 hours. Worse still, I have gotten saddle sore - something I've not had for a while. Guess this is what happens when you neglect cycling for a while and then cycle quite intensely.

Saturday was a Parkrun day and I completed my 14th run. This was a lovely run around the Arrow Valley course. It was snowing throughout which made a nice change. Bloomin' cold but I soon warmed up. Didn't have my fastest time by a long shot, however, I was still pleased with 23:12 which is probably my fastest run this year.

Sunday was a day of rest. My bottom was still sore and I did not have a surge of motivation.Unlike me to DNF (did not finish) but I DNF'd the Tour of Sufferlandria. Strangely, I didn't feel too bad about it. Maybe the virtual world won't give me a hard time about it either.

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