Sunday 13 August 2017

Nothing but plans

This last week was a rest week. A week of doing nothing sporty and no training at all. After the antics of the week before, man flu and paralysis of will what did one expect?!

However, that is not to say I did nowt. I still worked (very hard). Better yet, I entertained guests and spent a weekend with my bloods.

My good friend Gary and his wife Emer came over in the week. Gary and I had cycled London to Geneva together about 7 years ago and have been buddies ever since. When he came over this past week, we all talked cycling related nonsense and drank much wine. I thought Emer had talked SJ into taking me to France in 2019 to participate in PBP. The plan was, SJ and Emer would drive in France with my 2 kids too and support Gary and I. It all sounded like a master plan to me. Bad news is, it may have been the wine talking.
Lunar tempting me to swim
Felt a tad guilty that I did absolutely nothing this week. The thought of swimming crossed my mind, especially as the open water swimming is nearly finished for the year. Then I reminded myself, it was the pond water that made me ill.

SJ, kids and I went to a re-enactment 'thing' over the weekend which was great fun. I took it as signs to get back into bike-packing. We saw great packs and tents. Maybe it was a sign...
As we travelled round the site, we saw some wonderful shoes that reminded us of Gary (he owns a shoe shop in Geneva). As we wondered further I saw a sign for 'Brest' as in Paris - Brest - Paris. Now a signs a sign, right?

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  1. Hey Tim. Are you, Jamie and Ron maybe up for the Fred Whitton next year?


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