Sunday 20 August 2017

Ready for the next one...

We all have one, I'm sure...
After a week of rest, was relatively pleased with my activities over the past week. Managed to swim, run and cycle. Bonus!

The week began with a regular to work and back cycle commute. Felt nice to be on a bike again. Wasn't so great going back home and seeing the crack in the kitchen ceiling had gotten bigger.

Tuesday was a mad day. Went to Ragley Lake for what I thought was the last open water swim of the season. I had convinced myself this was going to be a splash and dash session whereby we 'have to' swim a lap and then run 5k. My head space was totally out of sorts - it's a good month or more before the season ends. I was pleased I did not have to run and was content with swimming 1,500m.

Midweek saw me complete another work and back cycle commute. Blue's chain had not been oiled since I purchased her back in May. The chain was singing 'oil me'.

Thursday was another strange day. This day saw me complete my very first ever run and back commute to my new work place. I obvs didn't run from home but a 5k run each way seemed a good plan to me. Can't believe how much I sweated. Even after showering, the sweat seemed to keep pouring. Pretty minging really but hey....

Friday saw me complete my final work and back cycle commute for the week. Finished work earlier than usual too, so took the opportunity to cycle a little further than normal. Always good to explore where there be dragons. Blue was super happy with her oiled chain too.
Winter Channel no.7 ready for adventure
Weekend was spent loving my family, waving Lunar and other family members off, entertaining and cleaning bikes. Finally managed to clean Slinky after her C2C2C adventure a short while back and cleaned Winter Channel no.7 ready for the Trans Pennine Trail C2C solo camping adventure that will kick off on Monday. I wonder how much of the trail I will cover?! I wonder if I'll get lost, eaten?! I wonder where I'll sleep?! I wa wa wa wa wonder!

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