Sunday 28 January 2018

Mad World

Some folk are mad. Some folk have mad friends. Some folk have crazy families and weird family members. I have it all, how mad is that?!

No crazy distances were cycled this week (not by me at least). In fact, l cycled very little - just 2 to work and back commutes. A little cross traing took place however. This training consisted of 2 short (5k) runs.

The high-light of the week was definately the weekend. Friday night turned out to be my first wild camp of 2018! Hats off to Jamie who was the first to rock up to my house ready for adventure (he had cycled down from B’ham). Shortly after Ron rocked up. Without too much further menace, Jamie cycled to the Woods of Doom and I escorted Ron there in my motor. Jamie and Ron set up camp whilst I returned to collect my brother Robin.
Doo, Rob and Ron doing the wild camp thing. Jamie, where art thou?
Robin and I were dropped off at the outskirts of the woods by our father. We then had the task of trudging through the dark and finding the others. After a wee scramble they were found. Camp was quickly set up and before I knew it, Rob was cooking us all sausage and bacon. Food was followed by JD and various other liquids before we slowly crashed out. Ron’s massive tarp provided cover for us all. My plans of a super cosy night were shattered when Ron realised he had forgotten his sleeping bag and I lent him my additional one. SJ’s hand made down bag proved just super enough for me.
When morning light came we could see that the 4 of us had become a 3. Jamie was nowhere to be seen. Had he been eaten by monsters? - surely not, they tend to pick off the best looking and I was still here.. It later transpired that Jamie had gotten lost in the woods but had managed to get out alive and cycled back to B’ham. Back in B’ham (at silly o’clock) Jamie had only caught up with Mr Toll to embark on a 200k audax adventure. Jamie is truly super hero stuff and how pleased am I that he is cycling the TAW with me. Aces.
Jamie and Toll about 100k in
Jamie missed out on night turning into day at our camp. Jamie also missed out on Rob’s super breakfast of sausage and bacon. Hmm, de ja vu! Mad camp. Mad times. Mad friends and family. Madness. How awesome!
Jon, the birthday boy!
Further fun was had on Saturday. SJ cooked me further sausage for a start. Our night was spent feasting. Our friend Jonny Edger had turned 50. Nothing for it but to party, drink JD and other liquids and indulge on curry. Happy birthday Jon!

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