Sunday 8 July 2018

Post TAW plan and action

Oh man, it's really not been that long since my TAW adventure was completed, yet it feels like it was months ago. My head is still full with thoughts and memories from Ireland. My sun burnt ears still remain a little bit crispy.

Eleven (my wonderful bike) has not been touched since the adventure (that's actually a lie, I did clean her). The rear wheel, despite being fully spoked at present, requires a re-build or a replacement. This is not immediate and financial issues suggest this won't happen for some time to come.

My head-space would like more adventure and I'm sure more will come. No major plan or intention is on the table just yet. I still plan to ride a 200k event before the end of July to keep my RRTY going (RRTY for the benefit of non audaxers is "Randoneur round the year" which involves doing 200 km or longer Audax rides one per month for 12 consecutive months). One more 200k ride in August would complete my RRTY. I think my roubaix will be the bike of choice for this challenge. I've missed Roger (my blind tandem cycling buddy) and hope to catch up with him before too long.

Have started to commute since returning home and hope this continues. Have fallen out with 'Blue', my commute bike though. Blue is a heavy hub-geared machine and I think I'd prefer a regular derailleur; Cycle to work scheme looks appealing to make this 'swap' happen. Have ran a few times too and that's been fun. It appears the lovely weather has followed me.
I had a weird dream which is worth a mention. I dreamt that I went into a record store and brought The Cure's 'All Mixed Up' album. I've had this album years and think it's their best (I know most fans don't list this album as their best, but hey, I do). Anyways, morning came and I downloaded this album, the new 'deluxe' version which contains a whole bunch of extra songs and new re-mixes. Boy, I thought it was great and it made my running experience all the better.
Build a rocket, rabbits
Despite not training hard and competing in some major event, my weekends have been great. I've spent them mostly with my family. We've walked fields, played with water (safer than fire), built rockets, become rabbits, attended Sunday school outings.. Lunar and Melody are awesome kids and SJ and I are looking forward to holidaying with them soon.

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