Sunday 9 September 2018

Adventure, challenge, menace and little training

Little training over past few weeks. More fat than fit. However, the adventures and challenges continued.
A great adventure was had in our new tent. We managed to get a Vango Iris 600XL in the sales. We think it's pretty awesome. 70% off in end of season sales. Bonus!
The tent didn't take too long to pitch and was not overly complicated. It looked pretty neat from the outside. Fantastic colour orange. In the dark it lit up like a pumpkin.
Very spacious on the inside. Fits our family of four just fine. Big enough for guests too - just as well as Aid and his kids decided to hang out with us.
'Would you look at that''.
Better yet, the tent was big enough to play three player chess - now that's challenging! That kept us amused for a fair few hours. I wonder if there is a four player chess?
The bedrooms were spacious too. Allegedly room for 6 - fits the four of us just fine with space to breathe too. The bedrooms were darkened a little too which helped us sleep sound.
Tent was easy to take down and pack away. Wonderful weekend camping in Stratford. Despite having plans to run Stratford ParkRun, that didn't happen. Upcoming challenges must include ParkRun, and definitely include a wild camp and a cycle in the Pennines. Oh the joys...

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