Sunday 26 August 2018

Perplexed at ParkRun 16

Holiday season is great for resting the mind. Holiday season is awful for the body though. Following my hoilidaze and the 2 weeks of excess living, I have found training and exercising real difficult.

I didn't cycle my bike even once this last week. Hard to get motivated. I did, however, complete my 16th ParkRun to date.
This was my slowest Arrow Valley ParkRun ever, a time of 24:05. Of course I was a trifle disappointed. I finished 78th out of 380 which didn't sound too bad and this was my fastest ParkRun this year (ha, the only one). My PB remains 21:39 and I wonder (doubt) I will ever beat it.
I did my usual sprint finish over-taking a few runners. I swear they moved the finish line compared to the last time I ran though. Maybe that's why my time was so poor.
This run hurt. My chest and lungs were sore at the finish. My legs, especially my thighs were sore the day after. As if things couldn't get worse - they did. As I made my way back to the car, I passed a helper still positioned on the route. She started clapping as I walked past and gave words of encouragement. I said 'no, no, I'm done' (as in, finished) and she just replied 'yeah, I am too' and carried on clapping.

I need to turn my fat back into fit....

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