Saturday 7 September 2019

Running the AV handicap ParkRun, handicapped / Down with Rapha!

The Arrow Valley (AV) handicap ParkRun. Never heard of such a thing until recently. It's basically a free, mostly handicap event running the same 5k course as the regular AV ParkRun. It's held on the first Wednesday of every ('summer') month. This September was the last run of 2019 and I decided to take part. Runners have staggered starts (handicaps) depending on their past 10 average ParkRun times (I think). The chart below shows all the participating runners, their average time and their handicapped start time.
I had a 'true' handicap. Only a few days ago I came off my bike and injured my elbow, backside, knee and foot. It was a bit silly for me to run this event but I just wanted to complete a run at least once.
The run didn't take into account my very real handicap. I ran but almost immediately felt like this was a bad idea. I was hurting from start to finish. I caught no runners, however, the 2 that started after me soon passed me on the course. The results - I came last. A disappointing result but at least I finished. Am confident I will beat my AV handicap ParkRun BP next time and hope not to finish last. Only problem is, I'll have to wait until 2020 to have another crack at this.
Final results
The above injury occurred when I fell of my bike. 'Take advantage of the Rapha repair service' they told me. Well, I contacted Rapha and sent them pictures too and this was their response - 'Thank you for submitting a repair request and sorry to hear of your crash. After assessing your repair request and the images you've uploaded, we've determined that we are unable to accept your request on this occasion due to insufficient proof of purchase'. Grr, down with Rapha!

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